Hiking + Biking
Outdoor Activities

Bring you bikes and your hiking shoes. With over 400 acres to explore, you will have a blast on foot or on wheels. Some of the ground can be a little hard to maneuver so be sure to bring the proper gear.

If that is not enough for you we have zip lining that is sure to entice your appetite for adventure. Whether you are staying in one of our rooms or under the stars at one of our 25 camp sites, Solid Rock Ranch is one big playground to have fun, relax and enjoy all nature has to offer.

Want a Splash? Check out our Water Activities 


We do not provide bikes or hiking equipment. Zip-lining is available, however, there are waivers and sign up’s before booking that need to be obtained.

Things to Bring Activity 
Hiking Shoes, Water Container, Hiking Sticks Hiking
Bike, Helmet, Water Pack, Tire Repair Kit Biking
Helmet, Gloves, Camera Zip Lining

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