Catch + Release
Lake Fishing

Don’t forget your fishing poles. We have 5 lakes at Solid Rock Ranch to choose from. We are strictly a catch and release only, so take a picture for the books before tossing back.

The saying goes “work is for people who don’t know how to fish”, but here at SRR we don’t judge. If you want to grab a chair or a fresh patch of grass to sit back and relax, that’s okay too.

Book a Weekend Getaway!


Prices may change from time to time, be sure to inquire at booking for current pricing and equipment availability. At Solid Rock Ranch we try to include everything you need to have a great time!

Fishing Poles (when available) Free
Canoe (first come, first serve) Free
Swimming  Free
Rock Skipping (BYOR) Free
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Water is nice in the summer, but even in Texas, the winter can make the water pretty cold. Here are some out of water activities we enjoy without the splash.

Activity What you Need
Take some great photos of the lakes and wildlife
Sunset Dinner
Bring your dinner to the water front
Picnic Basket
Rocks for Skipping Rocks
Sun Bathing Towel and Sunscreen
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